About us


Veemaa is a Company that Sells Essential Food Ingredients Necessary Home Appliances to People the Started at 2014 Small Shop has been Operating in Sundarapuram, Coimbatore District For Six Years the Future is Mine With People Deciding to Do His Business With No Cash Paid The Wallet Creates for Vanikan Wallet a Web Site Under Its Own Name to Provide Better Service to Merchants and Customers Alike.

You can buy all kinds of Products at HOME APPLIANCES, GROCERY & VEGETABLES, SPORTS MATERIALS, STATIONERY & BEAUTY PRODUCTS, GIFTS & TOYS, HEALTHCARE, NUTRITION FOOD PRODUCTS, VEEMA SPECIAL PRODUCTS NEW ARIRIVAL PRODUCTS We Make Every Effort to Provide Quality to Customers at Affordable Prices not Only This, With The Help of Mason Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber Painter and Other Engineers from The Construction Industry and Manufacturing Company It Also Offers Customers The Opportunity to Create a Savings Account and Earn an Income